Want to Curate Events?

Curators run our site content. We are looking for people who can find events, big and small, all over Santa Barbara.

Curators are the architects of real-world events.  Word of mouth has been the strongest tool until the internet and social media gave individuals a larger voice in the community. But for people who lack influence or connection with the right groups it can be complicated and frustrating. Our platform provides individuals the potential to become an influencer in their field simply by exposure to a larger audience of like-minded people. The users are given the opportunity to rally around curators who excel and demonstrate passion for the events they curate.  SB ToDo is a real-life example of a social platform bringing out real-world results in the form of hyper-local events.


Common  Questions

Who Can Be A Curator?

Curators can be anyone who wants to share events that they like.

My events are for a business. Can I still be a curator?

Absolutely! Businesses are part of the fabric of the community and we want them to be represented as well.

I only run a few events per year. Is that enough?

Actually, you are one of the people we want to reach. Your events may be interesting but “unknown”, but here they can be discovered!

I run a private club. Can I post my calendar here?

It depends. If the event is open to the public, then yes. If you only sponsor members-only events, then sharing them here would not benefit the community at large.

I Don't host events, can I still curate?

Yes! We want people who have specific tastes to share their collection of events with others. You will then have followers and meet people with similar tastes.

Do I need any special knowledge to curate?

Curators only need a knowledge of upcoming events and the willingness to share those with the community.

I run a restaurant. Can I be a curator?

Yes, but only for specific public events, like a pop-up dinner or a special cooking event. Regular restaurant operations are not “events”.

Apply to be a Curator

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