Foundation Sponsors

SBToDo is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that is free to the community. We use the proceeds from our fundraising to operate the calendar in order to keep our vibrant community connected with one another.

The calendar represents all of Santa Barbara events, large and small, free or paid, all categories and all venues.

Our Foundation Sponsors enable us to offer this community building offering without compromising our mission to serve the public.


How we use your donations


SB ToDo is intended to be a free service for the community. Donations cover the basic cost of running the website, updating technology, and a small staff to manage the calendar and it’s curators. This staff continually reviews Curators and Hosts to make sure they are providing high quality, complete and accurate event information in their event postings. In addition, they seek out “missing” events and attempt to find curators to manage missing segments.

What is the benefit of a common calendar to Santa Barbara?

Think of the Santa Barbara community as a series of venues that hold events and a collection of people who attend these events.

 A common calendar exposes all events to the entire community instantly.

This means that more people will be aware of more events and participate more often, all building the community.

Will the Calendar be Inclusive of all Events?

Yes, this is why we will seek out a variety of Curators and Venue Hosts to manage their own portion of our Shared Calendar.

Are you charging the public to use the caldendar?

No, the calendar is free to use. Advanced features, like saving your preferred events in a personal list, require registration, but that is still a free public service.

Why should I support SBTodo Foundation?

We are seeking Foundation Supporters who share our vision of a common, free, public  calendar as a way to build community and foster participation in the events that make Santa Barbara that great community.

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

If you want to scheule a call, tell us what your interests are and we can schedule a phone call or meet at the Impact Hub to discuss the Foundation.

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