Calendar Service Example

Calendar Service

If you want to have a public calendar, but don’t want to have to manage it, you can utilize our calendar service. You can make posts that simultaneously appear on your website as well as the shared website. Once approved, your events will be posted immediately and be available for people to add to their private "SBToDo" calendar on our website. You will also see counts of how many people are "interested", or "going" to your event.


Embedded Calendar

Below is a sample of the embedded calendar. It takes one line of code to show and share your calendar with Santa Barbara. Any posts you make to the calendar are immediately available on the shared calendar. Contact Frank Paolino to set up the calendar on your site at (805) 880-9064

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I embed a Calendar into my website?

We use a simple iframe to embed your calendar. It is one line of code and looks like this:

<iframe src=”; width=480 height=500 frameborder=0 scrolling=yes”></iframe>

My events are for a business. Can I still Use your calendar?

Absolutely! Businesses are part of the fabric of the community and we want them to be represented as well.

I only run a few events per year. Is that enough?

Actually, you are one of the people we want to reach. Your events may be interesting but “unknown”, but here they can be discovered!

I run a private club. Can I post my calendar here?

It depends. If the event is open to the public, then yes. If you only sponsor members-only events, then sharing them here would not benefit the community at large.

My Events Cost Money. Can I still use your Calendar?

Yes! You can redirect them to your payment provider, or use the one we have, whichever is more convenient for you.

Do I need to maintain my other calendar?

No, once you move to SBToDo, this can be your public calendar.

I run a restaurant. Can I use the calendar widget?

Yes, but only for specific public events, like a pop-up dinner or a special cooking event. Regular restaurant operations are not “events”.

What is the cost for this service?

This is a free service to new hosts for the first three months. 

Get Started with our Calendar Widget

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