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Santa Barbara, The American Riviera, is far more than a world-renowned destination. We have the pleasure of living in a place where people come from around the world and never want to leave. We have first-rate amenities in terms of arts and culture but we also have a very strong sense of community. Location aside – people are truly what make a city great. The reason people come to Santa Barbara is because we have so much to offer. We are a small community, but we have big aspirations. The reason we thrive is because we are well connected to one another – we volunteer, we participate, we contribute to each other and our efforts combined make our city what it is today.

Organized as a 501(c)(3) charity paid for by the SBToDo Foundation, this service is free to the public to use.

How You Can Get Involved

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Our Curators

Curators are Santa Barbara locals who want to share their events with the community – they are the architects of real world events. To be a curator you simply need to have a passion for something, then upload and share the event with your community. This is a platform for you to spread ideas and congregate with like-minded people. 

Our Event Hosts

By creating a dialogue between community members, curators, and event organizers we all win. Our site is an example of a social platform bringing out real world results in the form of hyper-local events. Hosts are just like curators, but a host has a specific location for their business. Examples of a host are restaurants, nightclubs, athletic facilities, schools, etc. Hosts share events that are specific to their product or service.


SBToDo is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that is free to the community. We use the proceeds from our fundraising to operate the calendar in order to keep our vibrant community connected with one another. It is vital to make this a free service so that large corporations do not overshadow the important local events that make our community so unique.


Become a Curator Today

Curators run our site content. We are looking for people who can find events, big and small, all over Santa Barbara. Curators are the architects of real-world events.  Word of mouth has been the strongest tool until the internet and social media gave individuals a larger voice in the community. But for people who lack influence or connection with the right groups it can be complicated and frustrating. Our platform provides individuals the potential to become an influencer in their field simply by exposure to a larger audience of like-minded people. The users are given the opportunity to rally around curators who excel and demonstrate passion for the events they curate.  SB ToDo is a real-life example of a social platform bringing out real-world results in the form of hyper-local events.


Curate SB Events

We List  New Events Every Week

Our curators, hosts and staff help share new events every week, with one goal: To keep you in the loop!

What We Do

We bring people together in meaningful ways to stay connected with our neighbors. When people come together to celebrate events that interest them we begin to break down walls between people and cultures, opening ourselves to new ideas and experiences. These shared experiences go to the core of what makes us human, and what builds community.

We do this through a shared, community calendar of events. Accessible via phones, tablets and computers, the site is easily searchable for events today, tomorrow or in upcoming weeks.


Our Story

The story behind our foundation is a familiar one in Santa Barbara: a family from out of state relocated here, being drawn by the many incredible facets of our community. We left the East Coast in search of something more – something we were lacking in a larger metropolis – we were searching for human connection.

In Santa Barbara people would talk to you on the sidewalk, wave for no reason, strike up a conversation at the coffee shop, even invite you to things having just met you. This may be normal for some, but coming from the more reserved (and cold) East Coast, it came as a pleasant surprise. We wanted to create an environment that fosters and encourages this behavior!

We felt there was a need for a shared community calendar to enhance the exceptional number of events around town and offer a wider audience the opportunity to be more involved.  In creation of this Foundation we provide a platform to our neighbors for meaningful interactions that change the way we think about each other, and our entire way of life. We all crave that feeling of belonging to something greater, be it religion, family, community, or shared interests. Our mission is to make that feeling a reality and to provide people the opportunity to extend their hands to each other through their shared passions.

Our Staff


When our family moved to Santa Barbara in 2015 we were drawn to how active and thriving the local community is… but we struggled to find a simple way to search local events. Too many competing sources inspired us to create this site and bring all the events under one roof. Our mission is to make finding something to do as easy as living in this incredible town.



“Close Knit Carolers”

Our Entry in the Downtown Santa Barbara Holiday Parade 2018.

Frank Paolino



Allison Paolino



Frankie Paolino


Venue Manager and Curator

Sophie Paolino


Curator Manager and Content Creator

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As a community-wide calendar, when everyone in the community participates, we become a stronger community.

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